Monday, June 1, 2015

New Month, New Goals: June

You'll have to pardon my cliché but, as they say, when it rains, it pours. I got poured on, repeatedly. It was like there was a tsunami coming and all I had to protect myself was a dinky umbrella. First, it was the health scare with my mom, which I spoke about in an earlier post. Her doctor ended up testing her for breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers because of some abnormalities that showed up during her annual check-up. So the first half of the month was waiting for the results and praying that they would be negative which, thankfully, they were. We thought we’d be able to breathe easily for a while, but then out family dog, Taurus, got sick. We rushed him to the emergency vet, he spent 2 nights there, had surgery, and came back home with a drain in his face and a cone that makes him look like a satellite dish. He seems to be feeling better (aka causing trouble), but his vet bills set us back $6,000. Eek! So, health scares galore for the month of May.

With all that going on, I was preoccupied and let everything else fall to the wayside. Healthy eating, reading, blogging, even planning my trip (gasp!), you name it, all had to wait. I just couldn’t focus on anything other than my mom’s test results and then my Taur-bear’s health. I’m hoping that June will be a better month for my family, and that I have the opportunity to get back on track with everything.

How was your month?

Read 2 non-work related books. Hahaha, no.  Life, unfortunately, got in the way of this noble endeavor.  While I did start reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, which I wrote about in a book haul post, I am nowhere near finishing it.  I started it just before Mom started her tests and then wasn't able to focus on anything else.  Then the family dog had some health issues right after that, so little reading was done.
Get some gardening done. Done! This is a family effort, and Mom and I spent a good part of last weekend buying up the local plant nurseries and beautifying our garden.  You'll see a post all about that soon!
Attend BEA. I came; I saw; I got some prime swag!  Stay tuned for more on this!
Buy some new clothes (for real this time).  I wouldn't say that I want on a shopping spree, but I did manage to add some lovely pieces to my wardrobe.  After doing an H&M wishlist, I actually went and bought items #2 and #6 and Mom bought me another adorable pair of flowy pants.  Hopefully I'll get to do a bit more shopping in June.
Take photos for my first monthly photo challenge. Done! You can check out my post here.  This month I think my photo-challenge will be to use the manual setting.  Dun dun dun.  I usually stick to aperture priority mode, so this should be interesting.


  • Finish reading The Secret History.  I'm about 50 pages into The Secret History right now and am already a fan. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but so far so good. If I do manage to finish reading this book, then you can expect a book review later this month!
  • Workout my abs and arms daily. I’ve been trying to eat healthier all year and, with the exception of some road bumps (like May), I’ve been able to do so much better. One thing I’d love to add to my routine is some exercise. I don’t have time during the week to hit the gym because of work, and I can never motivate myself to go on the weekends when I could be enjoying my free-time. I’m just not one of those people who find working out fun. Never have been. But I found these Youtube videos for tightening the upper arm and flattening the belly, so I’d like to take a little time each day to do these workouts in the comfort of my own home.
  • Go on an excursion. I live just 50 miles from New York City, but I rarely take the opportunity to go downtown for anything other than work these days. After commuting 5 days a week, the train is the last thing I want to see on my day off. Still, I’d love to go on an excursion to one of New York’s many museums or even take a trip to the Bronx Zoo this month. I think it’d be fun!
  • Start finalizing my itinerary for France. I can’t believe that I’ll be going to France next month! I’ll be just about done buying my advance tickets and scheduling various tours in the next week, so it’s about time I sat down and worked on my insane itineraries. They usually take me a few weekends to complete because not only do I map out my days, but I include directions from one destination to the next. I’m sure you’ll see pictures of my “war room” at some point this month. I’d love to have the itineraries finished this month so I can spend July doing last minute shopping and packing.
Do you have any goals for June?

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  1. I absolutely loved the Secret History - definitely keep going with it, it's a great read!