Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Tough Being A Girl, Summer Edition

I love summer. I love the heat (you can keep the humidity though), the clothes, and that summer state of mind. For a few months out of the year it’s okay for productivity to ease up a little so you can enjoy the gorgeous weather and jet off to some vacation you’ve been looking forward to all year. And there are few things better than sitting outside at dusk with a glass of homemade sangria in hand watching the fireflies blink across the lawn. It’s the season of barbecues, pool parties, and festivals. What’s not to love, right?

Well, I was talking to a friend of mine recently and somehow we got on the subject of how hard it is to be a girl in the summer. And when we sat down and thought about it, there was actually a lot more to be said than either of us realized.
  • It’s tough being a girl because of bikinis. Summer fashion usually means you’re showing a lot of skin, but few things are as revealing as a bikini. If you don’t have what the media calls a “beach body,” then going to the pool or beach can be a source of anxiety. Belly fat, cellulite, and arms and legs that aren’t toned are just some of a girl’s woes. Want to wear a one piece? The season might be over before you find something cute, sexy, and fun. A lot of this applies to street clothing too. This is the one season when your body is truly on display. It can be a shot to your confidence if you aren’t toned and looking runway ready.
  • It’s tough being a girl because of hair. And I’m not talking hair on your head (that comes later). We all have body hair, but it’s girls who have to spend an astronomical amount of time shaving, waxing, or depilating, especially during the summer. Want to wear shorts or a dress? The legs need to be shaved. What about a tank top? The underarms need to be shaved. Wearing a bathing suit? Odds are you’ll probably need to do a bit of maintenance around the bikini line. At least in the winter if you forget to shave (aka you’re feeling lazy) no one will know, and we all do that (I know I do, at least). In the summer that’s a no-no, so we spend time and money making sure we’re nice and hair-free.
  • It’s tough being a girl because of tanning. Once summer comes around be prepared for commercials and ads for all sorts of products that promise a “summer glow.” We’re told that pale is sickly, especially in the summer, so we tan, go to tanning salons, or buy lotions that are supposed to give us that sun-kissed look. It’s a huge monetary investment, and not everyone can get a natural “glow” without turning into a lobster first. Raise your hand if you burn like me!
  • It’s tough being a girl because of frizz. Okay, so not every girl has this problem, but I certainly do. The summer humidity is not my friend. No amount of product can keep my hair from getting frizzy if there’s a drop of moisture in the air. And let’s face it, wild, flyaway hair isn’t exactly cute.
  • It’s tough being a girl because of sweat. Women don’t sweat, they glisten…except in summer. And except for working out in the gym, sweat isn’t a great look. It makes you feel sticky, makes make-up run, it wreaks havoc on your hair, and let’s not forget the embarrassing sweat stains that can materialize on the worst days. Sweat is one of those things we’re raised to think is unladylike (and smelly). Staying fresh as a daisy can be a lot of work on those super hot days. It’s another expectation that women are supposed to live up to.
Do you agree with my list or have anything else to add?

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