Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life Lately

It’s been a hectic/crazy/stressful couple of months for me, so I’m hoping that things will begin to even out. I remember thinking that nothing could get more stressful than finals week when I was hammering out 60-80 pages in 10-12 days. Then I didn't have a job until 10 months after graduation and thought that was the most stressful situation I could be in. Then the last couple of months happened. I’m not liking this adulthood stress trajectory…

Mom went for her annual and suddenly had to have bunch of tests because of some abnormalities. If you read my post on Angelina Jolie, Cancer, and Me, then you know that my mom’s side of the family is high risk for gynecological cancers, so yeah. Mom redid the gene tests because they check for more markers than they did years ago, so we waited for ages to hear those results. If Mom had the genes, then both my sister and I could’ve had them as well. Luckily, that test was negative. But Mom also ended up getting a mammogram, some weird ultrasound thing, and a biopsy. Mom and I can be somewhat fatalistic, so we were both fearing the worst. We waited, fretted, and waited some more. Thank goodness all the tests came back negative. BUT STRESSFUL.

With my family’s preoccupation with Mom’s health, everything else kind of got put on the back-burner. I was horrible about eating well (lots of take-out, unhealthy snacking, etc.), so I gained back some of the weight I’d lost while keeping my resolution to eat healthily. I’ve since jumped back on the healthy food bandwagon though! I’m also contemplating doing a teatox to give my healthy lifestyle a bit of a jump-start. The problem is that I hate tea with a fiery passion. So we’ll see how that goes.

Work has been worky but is already slowing down for summer. Summer in publishing means half-days on Fridays and that someone is always on vacation. Little actual work gets done, the response time between emails lag, and I end up doing a lot of filing, reading, and organizing until September. I’m looking forward to Summer Fridays though and hope to go on some mini-adventures that I can blog about!

On a more positive note, I’ve been busy planning France (as you already know). Having different trips and advance tickets to buy gave me something to look forward to while everything else seemed to be going downhill. I can’t believe that France is only 66 days away! I’ll start working on finalizing my itinerary in June.

As far as blogging goes, I feel like I’ve been slacking off as far as being part of the community lately. I’ve been posting content, but I haven’t been taking part in chats or commenting on as many blogs as I would like. I’ve just been so overwhelmed with other aspects of life and also enjoying the gorgeous weather that I’ve been a bit “meh” about sitting inside on my laptop. I plan to start turning things around on that front though!

Anyway, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend (yay long weekend)! I’m hoping to take a lot of pictures of random things but new content won’t be posted until Monday. Don’t hate me! I want to enjoy the long weekend, de-stress, and hopefully get a little sun. I think my system needs a bit of a re-boot, don't you?  I’ll see you Monday!

So how about you? Have you been dealing with anything stressful recently?


  1. Hey! I love these kind of posts, I always feel a little closer to the blogger :)
    As a Law student, I can related to your hammering stress, haha. I'm so glad all your mom's tests came back negative! I hope you both are a little less stressed by now. I can't wait for your posts on France :)
    I've been also slacking off as a blogger - I'm even barely posting content, haha.

    Hope you'll have a nice weekend.

    -xx // words at dawn

    1. Thanks so much! We're definitely much more relaxed since getting the results back, and we're counting down the days til France!

  2. Happy to hear that things seem to be leveling off at least! Blog an health wise I have certainly been slacking too. Slowly but surely getting things back under control. I've been considering a teatox too, actually, haha. Here's hoping things get better for both of us!

    Katie @

    1. Thanks, hun! I hope things look up for you as well!