Thursday, February 19, 2015

Design Inspo: Creating a Chic Office Space

One of the downsides to living at home is that I only have one room that is truly my own—my bedroom. The rest of the house is painted and decorated much to my parents’ taste and, as lovely as I find it, is obviously not a reflection of my likes and dislikes. But my room is like a canvas for me, and I enjoy decorating and redecorating with the hope of it one day looking like something off Pinterest.

Right now, one of my little side projects is my office (read: desk), so I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration.


I’m a huge fan of gallery walls and art in general, but I’m running out of wall space in my room. So when I saw photo ledges on Pinterest, I thought it was a brilliant idea.  I love how the frames in this one overlap and feels a bit like organized chaos. Since my desk has two shelves over it, I’d love to use them as photo ledges, framing things that I think are inspiring or just plain pretty. Pin.


To quote Cassandra Clare, “We live and breathe words.” Words are my livelihood considering I work in publishing, but I’ve always been an avid reader too. It seems fitting that I’d use words as art, especially in my “office space.” I'm thinking literary quotes as well as inspirational or interesting expressions to give the area an upbeat can-do vibe. I kind of like the idea of me looking up at a Shakespearean quotation while I’m suffering from writer’s block and magically being inspired. Pin.


There’s something just so glamorous to me about having gold accents, but I’ve only just started to use them in my own space. For some reason, it seemed like something that only worked in magazines but that’s definitely not the case! I think I’d like to find art that has gold lettering—nothing too gaudy—and possibly find some gold office supplies. I think both touches will make my desk feel luxurious. Pin.


Hi, my name is Brittany, and I can't keep potted plants alive. Still, I think that having a plant in a room adds some life to the space, even when you’re not in it. I’ve jumped on the succulent bandwagon recently and would love to have one or two in some chic planters on my desk, but I may have mercy on the poor things (#saveaplant) and get a convincing fake succulent or stick to my bouquets. Pin.


I’ve always thought that globes and maps are such a smart-looking accent in a room. Don’t you? As someone who always seems to be daydreaming or planning her next trip abroad, maps and globes represent endless possibilities for me! And they seem so scholarly and sophisticated to boot! Pin.

What do you think of my ideas? What would you do if you were redecorating your office/desk?


  1. Girl, we are so on the same wave length when it comes to interiors. Monochrome photo framed quotes and gold accents are the dream :)