Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Month, New Goals: July

Although June was less hectic than May, I still managed to fail at accomplishing most of my goals this month. The weekends were uncommonly rainy, and I spent large chunks of the weekends creating my itinerary and bemoaning just how broke I was this June. But on a happy note, July promises to be an exciting month for me! I’ll be jetting off to France for my vacation at the end of the month with Mom, first of all. I’ve been looking forward to this trip since last September when I decided I’d be going to France, so the anticipation has been steadily building. This month is the start getting my Summer Fridays, meaning my office will close at 1PM. 

How was your June?

Finish reading The Secret History. Nope, sadly.  I am still around page 50 and haven't actually picked it up since early June.  My friend loaned me The Anatomy of Story, so I've been reading through that, and I've also spent my train rides writing or listening to the insanity that is Greece's economic problems.  I'm really hoping to get to the book this month, but who knows?  Maybe I'll end up reading it on the plane ride.  Granted, I had planned on sleeping and reading the second book in the Outlander Series.  Hmm.  Too many books and so little time.  
Workout my abs and arms daily. Ish. This little routine lasted all of a week before I got bored (read: lazy) and stopped. Oops.
Go on an excursion. I fail.  Okay, so this wasn't completely my fault.  We've been rained out for the last couple of weekends which makes trips into the city depressing.  There are puddles the size of the Atlantic Ocean at every intersection, umbrellas are useless if there's even the slightest of breezes, and you risk getting splashed a la rom-com by a car.  Jerks.
Start finalizing my itinerary for France.  Not only did I start it, I finished it! After spending four weekends in front of my Streetwise Map of Paris, Google Maps, and my Fodor's Travel Guides, I have managed to create a 16 page itinerary for my 10 day trip.  Everything that I want to see is on there, and I think I'll have time to just do some aimless wandering too.


  • Duolingo Review or Die.  With my trip just around the corner, it's time to buckle down and get some serious French review under my belt.  I know I won't be fluent, but it would nice for me to be able to say a few things in French and be understood (not mocked for my horrible American accented French).
  • Get some reading done. I'm not going to say I want to finish a book because I have a habit of failing to do any reading when I put it on my list of goals.  Instead, I hope to just read for fun and read whatever I like.  Books, magazines, blogs...anything goes.
  • Buy the last of my advance tickets. I only have a couple of advance tickets left to buy this month, but it will be nice to have that part of trip preparations out of the way.  I think I have to buy tickets for the Tower of London and the catacombs which comes to about $50.  Not bad considering we've been buying $150 worth of tickets and tours each month since April.  
  • French Trip. It's here!  It's finally here!  We'll be jetting off to Paris on the 26th and won't be back until August 5th.  While we're there we'll get to see Paris, London, Nice, Provence, and Monaco.  It's a lot to pack into 10 days, and I'll probably need a vacation to recover from my vacation, but it will totally be worth it.
  • Make a blog queue. I don't want my blog to go without updates while I'm on my trip, so my goal is to schedule some posts for when I'm away.  I need to get down to business and brainstorm some post ideas so I can start working on creating comment.
Do you have any goals for July?

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