Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monthly Favorites: March

I’ve always loved reading “monthly favorite” posts from other bloggers, so I began to wonder why I hadn’t done one myself. Well, at first I thought that it was too formulaic and was worried that I’d bore those poor souls who read my blog, but then shouldn’t I be writing my blog for me? I hope I don’t bore you to tears, but I’d love to know what you think of my post at the end.

I was more than a bit strapped for cash this month after booking my French vacation (totally worth it), so you’ll notice that most of my purchases are from sales. Who can say “no” to a good bargain though?

Audrey Brooke Handbag 

I bought this burgundy cross-body bag back in November/December but used it for the first time this month. I loved the bag when I first bought it because of the rich color, size, the fact that it’s genuine leather, and the price (originally $150, I bought it at 70% off at DSW with a gift card, so I only ended up putting $10 towards it), so I still don’t know why it took me so long to use it. It’s perfect for what I need in an everyday bag—it’s big enough to carry books or pages from manuscripts for work, my lunch, and all the other odds and ends that end up in a woman’s bag. I’d highly recommend Audrey Brooke to anyone based on my experience with this one bag.

Call It Spring Sunglasses 

Not sure who else has a Call It Spring by them, but my local mall has had one for a year or two now. They carry nice shoes, handbags, and accessories for reasonable prices. I bought these sunglasses in January when they were on sale for $7. I love the idea of cat-eye sunglasses, but I haven’t been brave enough to go all in. These seemed like a good set of “training wheels,” and who could say no to that price? The weather has just started to be sunny enough to wear these, but I’m hoping to get a good amount of wear of them this summer.

Starburst Jellybeans 

Nothing says Easter like jellybeans (except for Cadbury Eggs)! With Easter just around the corner, I’ve been taking advantage of the candy situation. Starburst Jellybeans are among my favorite Easter candies thanks to their juicy flavors. Some jellybeans taste like colored sugar, but these have great flavors and they’re distinct from one another. If you like Starbursts, get yourself a bag of these.

Kate Spade Gift Wrap 

Has anyone else noticed that birthday wrapping paper, generally speaking, looks like it’s made for a child? I was having a hard time finding age-appropriate paper for my best friend’s gift when I stumbled upon Kate Spade New York gift wrap. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey at $12 a roll, but I loved the sophisticated and minimalist look of it. I didn’t realize the paper was reversible until I got home, so I bought it solely because of the gold dot design, but the black and white stripes look great too. I’ve been contemplating using these as backgrounds for posts too. What do you think?

Pop! Alcide Herveaux Figurine

So, I never got onto the True Blood bandwagon, but Joe Manganiello is another one of the celebrities in my harem (he just doesn’t know it yet). When I saw the Alcide figurine on sale at a store in Grand Central, I bought it on a whim. He’s been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. I personally think the Pop! Figurines are adorable, and they have sets for all the major TV shows and movies. True Blood might have been too scary for me, but Alcide with his bulging muscles is just up my alley.

Outlander Blu-ray 

Who else is excited for the second half of the first season? I know I am! I pre-ordered the first eight episodes on blu-ray the moment it was available and have no regrets! I’m addicted to this series. The Scottish highlands, the Jacobite history, and the Claire/Jamie romance. Also, those Scottish accents! I’m hoping to have a marathon of the first eight episodes before the new ones air.


  1. I can't believe I haven't seen Outlander yet! I loved the book!


    1. You need to! It's such a great series. I loved the first book, and I'm working on Book Two now.