Thursday, March 12, 2015

Love Your Skin with Olay Complete

It is a truth universally acknowledged that winter wreaks havoc on the skin. Or at least it should be a truth universally acknowledged. The cold weather leaves skin dry, chapped, and in a general state of disrepair. But since winter in the Northeast requires layers upon layers of clothing, it’s pretty easy to hide the problem. Spring is just around the corner though (hopefully), so soon there will be a lot more skin visible. That means it’s time to get my skin back into respectable shape.

I’m pretty lax when it comes to moisturizing my skin (I’m working on it, I swear!), but the one place I never skimp on is my face, especially in the winter. Olay is the only face lotion I've ever used thanks to both of my parents indoctrinating it in me. I have vivid memories of my father slathering “Oil of Olay” on my fat baby cheeks. Both my mom and dad use it to this day, although we all use different formulas.

I swear by Olay Complete with SPF 15. I’m pretty fair-skinned, so I always need a little bit of UV protection to prevent me from turning into a boiled lobster. I like the fact that the SPF is in my moisturizer so that I don’t have to worry about an extra step in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work.

The cream is light and smooth, so you hardly notice that it’s on. It’s also not oily like some lotions can be, which is important for someone with sensitive skin like me. The tiniest bit of oil on my skin and I break out; I’ve never had that problem with Olay Complete.  The fact that it also has vitamins E, B3, and C in it means that I know my skin is being nourished around the clock.  

At $5.99 a pot, I think Olay is a huge steal.  It’s part of my daily routine, and I put it under all my make-up. My skin feels supple and fresh, and knowing that it's well-hydrated and protected from the sun all year round is a huge plus.


  1. I also love their cleansers! They're super gentle and non-stripping


    1. I've never used the cleansers, but I should definitely check them out!