Friday, March 20, 2015

Designer for Less: Travel Wallet

I love Aspinal of London’s accessories, and ever since I discovered their travel collection I’ve been smitten. The gorgeous Italian calf leather luggage tags, passport cover, and tabbed travel wallet come in a variety of colors, and I’m more than a bit obsessed with the aqua collection. The only problem is that the set costs a whopping $325. Sadly, it’s not an expense I can justify when I travel abroad once a year, and that's a substantial chunk of my spending money for a month. Even if I just bought the travel wallet, which speaks to my hyper-organizational tendencies, it'd set me back $250. Yikes. Still, I was desperate for my own travel wallet and decided to see if there were any brands that made something similar with a more reasonable price tag.

I scoured the internet for ages before discovering that ASOS has travel wallets for $30-45, which is more my price range. The ASOS wallets are leather and have three tabs (passport, tickets, and other), which will help me to keep things organized,  and that makes all the difference in a travel experience, don’t you think? There’s nothing worse than having to rummage through your bag or carry-on to find your passport or boarding pass. The wallet is bigger than your average wallet, but considering what it’s meant to hold, that makes sense. The only thing “negative” point would be that the leather isn’t exactly supple, but I do like the textured leather. My wallet doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but ASOS has other similar styles right now.

I haven’t used mine yet, but it’s definitely going with me to France. Last year I was one of those poor individuals rooting through her handbag for her passport after it slipped into a side pocket, unbeknownst to her.  Can you imagine not having your passport when you get to the airport? I had a panic attack, and the experience probably shaved a couple years off my life. I’ll be eternally grateful to ASOS if my chic travel wallet prevents a repeat of last year.  Now to find myself a cute passport cover!

What are some of your favorite designer dupes?


  1. I wish I had stumbled across this earlier! It seems so easy to use & fashionable! Loved it :)
    I usually just throw everything in my handbag.... Yeah, lame, I know. I'm trying to get better!
    words at dawn

    1. Aww thank you! It's such a simple concept but it had never occurred to me that there such things as travel wallets before.